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President - Kirsten Shilling, parent of c/o 2026 player


Vice President, Fundraising - Sunny Guerin, parent of c/o 2026 player


Treasurer - Open


Secretary - Stacey Coleman, parent of c/o 2026    


Director -Paula Rodgers, parent of c/o 2026 player

Director - Karen Philip, parent of c/o 2026 player

Director - Kaile Meyers, parent of c/o 2024 player


Mission Statement

Our Mission - The South Football Booster Foundation, formed in May of 2005, is an action-oriented group of parents and other volunteers working together to support the South Anchorage High School Football program.

Our Purpose -  To promote, improve, and support the South Football program through fundraising, public relations and volunteerism.

Our Primary Goals - 1) Reduce costs and eliminate financial barriers for players and their families. 2) Increase parent, school and community involvement in the South Football Program.

3) Provide timely notification to the general membership of all events related to the program. 4) Document and maintain historical information.  5) Build school and team spirit.  6) Promote good sportsmanship.  7) Encourage unity among all student athletes and fans, both on and off the field.

The South Football Booster Foundation hosts and organizes many off-field activities associated with the football team which include: team meals, game day programs (advertising,  etc.),  game day blazers, merchandise sales (game day, spirit wear, etc.), volunteer events, fundraisers, the end of the season banquet and much more. 


We sincerely thank everyone who volunteers during the season and throughout the year to make our program what it is for the student athletes, coaches, school and community.


South Wolverine Football

PO Box 111501

Anchorage, AK 99511


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