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2023 Board Openings

We are looking for volunteers to serve on the South Football Booster Board.  Please consider volunteering this upcoming year to provide a great experience for our players, families, and the South community.  No experience necessary....just a willingness to jump in and help! 

 The following board positions are open:


Plan and coordinate board business and events to include fundraising, community and family outreach. Foster communication and teamwork between football families, the coaching staff and South administration.  Budget planning and expense management.  Oversee and coordinate website and social media sites


Plan meetings, prepare meeting materials, build agendas, record meeting minutes, and assist the chair during meetings

 Board Member At Large

Coordinate Concessions and food trucks for home games

 Board Member At Large

Coordinate Split-the-Pot & Scholarship Fund


On behalf of the outgoing board members, thank you to these awesome parent volunteers who will continue to serve the South Anchorage Football Wolverines:

 Sunny - Vice President & Fundraising Director

 Kirsten - Treasurer

 Monica - Board Member & Coordinator of Team Dinners/Food Trucks

LET'S ALL WELCOME OUR NEWEST BOARD MEMBER....... Kaile M.!  Kaile will be coordinating our event photography & SmugMug site along with our Memory Books.


Interested in helping? Questions about board positions? Ready to volunteer today?

Please reach out to us at and let us know.

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Message from Coach Lew 


Parents and Players, in December I started a new way to personally communicate information to you, TEAMSNAP, a more efficient and direct link from me to you.  Cross Country running, Track n Field, and Football all share roster sizes of over a hundred athletes, and twice that for parents.  XC running launched their TEAMSNAP first and has been very happy with the results.

I went out and purchased it for football and Track n Field, and if you are not already connected this is how it works.  I have taken all player emails and logged them in, and an invite was sent right before Christmas break and when we came again  back.  Some of your kids' emails are actually your emails so here is how tostart.

When you receive the email from TEAMSNAP.
-Follow the simple instruction to sign up.
-Download the app.
-Fill in any information I may have not put in, then it allows the parents to enter their email address and names.
Then you all are connected to me.
It appears on my screen if you are connected or not.  I will be going to all the players that have not yet responded.  Schedules, Calanders, messaging so very simple, and support.  Communication is one of the important links to our success and making the kids have a great season.  If you have any questions, please call, Text, or email me.  Thank you for your support.

Coach Lewis


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Rocco Whited Family
Nick Barbosa Family
Kai Coleman Family
Trenten Helsel Family
Noah Woolston Family
Garrett Joyner Family
Cole Bridges Family
Hunter Manderson Family
The Bulot Family


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